Our Pumpkins...

With over 40,000 pumpkins growing across 10 acres, you'll be spoilt for choice! Which will you pick?

The Racer Pumpkin

The traditional one!

The king of the carvers weighing between 5-7kg. Very good flavour for cooking or baking and your best option for Halloween carving!
Can be stored for several weeks in a cool dry, frost-free location.


The warty one.. you either love them or hate them!

Although a little unsightly, the Goosebump pumpkin is still edible. The skin can unsurprisingly be a bit tough, but the insides are perfectly sweet for all those delicious pumpkin recipes!

Casperita Pumpkin

The princess of the Pumpkin world!

Part of the 'Munchkin' family, the Casperitas are dainty, pretty pumpkins, perfect for table decor. Not only do they look great, but they have a lovely sweet flavour and are thought to be the tastiest pumpkin you can eat.

Jill Be Little

The patch favourite.

Much loved by little people, these 'Munchkins' look great carved out with a tea light flickering away inside. Alternatively, it is delicious roasted with rosemary. You can slice off the top, scoop out the seeds and eat the flesh - we like it with butter or oil!

Turban Pumpkin

The Squash pretending to be a Pumpkin.

Yes, you read right. This is actually a Squash rather than a Pumpkin! Due to its jazzy appearance, the turban squash is often used for decoration, but it can be eaten too! The pale yellow flesh has a lovely mild and slightly nutty flavour with a soft, floury texture.

The Polar Bear

Named this for obvious reasons...

The most 'SPOOKTACULAR" of our Pumpkins. This ghostly white variety can grow up to 15kg in weight, making it a carving favourite and a real Halloween talking point! Interestingly though despite the white skin, the insides of this variety are still orange. This guy is particularly yummy roasted

Remember, whichever pumpkin you pick, make the most of it and don't let it go to waste!

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